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Egregious chart brings back bad memories

Choropleths, cartograms, tile maps and all those

I like this discussion by Richard Brath about the designer choices when it comes to creating maps.

Richard systematically walks through each type of map and points out the strengths and weaknesses. He has some interesting ideas about improving tile maps, such as the following equal-area but different-orientation tile map:


Several of my prior posts are related to this discussion:

I talk about tile maps here, and point out its built-in every-state-is-equal assumption, which is appropriate only if that assumption holds. Tile map is the newly popular name for equal-area cartograms, a term that Richard uses.

Years ago, I found a case of mis-use of the tile maps.

Recently, I wrote about the invariance property of some choropleths.




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Richard Giambrone

Thanks for this link. It's a well thought-out discussion of the pros and cons of map types.

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