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Round-up of up-coming events

I finally got around to updating the event listings. In the coming months, I will be giving  a number of talks on data visualization.

Next week, I will be speaking to the Data Visualization New York meetup, ably organized by Naomi Robbins. The event is heavily over-subscribed, so apologies to those who can't make it in.

In October, I will be offering a short class on data visualization at an executive education event at Columbia University. The event is "Leading Business Change Through Analytics". The fantastic program covers the management and leadership skills necessary to turn data insights into measurable business results. You can still register to attend.

In addition, I will be giving a proseminar at NYU's Applied Quantitative Reasoning program in the Sociology department.

I will also be visiting classes by Andrew Gelman (Columbia) and Ray Vella (NYU) next month.


You can follow my events from my sister blog. Click here and look on the right column.

If you come to one of these events, do come up and say hi!



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