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I generally buy all day tickets so it avoids one problem, but with multiple operators that wouldn't work. The way I think of it is that holidays are costing me hundreds of dollars a day, so I don't want to spend half an hour sorting out transport, and any city that wants tourists should realise that is something people want.


We Seattelites should burn down our public transit and rebuild it from scratch while we're at it. I've traveled a lot and nothing makes me feel like my hometown is more provincial then seeing the cheap and functional and easy to navigate subway/bus systems that so many other cities have... San Francisco, London, Rome, Seoul, even Athens! All have more functional transit than we do.


Uninterpretability seems endemic to urban transportation maps everywhere, eh? Just consider NYC's infamous MTA subway map(s)...


@Justin: dont visit Charlotte, NC then! CATS is horrendous!

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