Graphical forms impose assumptions on the data
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Planned redundancy

The following Wall Street Journal caught my eye the other day: (Link to article)


Looking closely, I realize that the four charts are identical, except for the call-outs. This is a kind of small-multiples in which the same data reside in each panel but the labeling changes. It's planned redundancy but I'm afraid I don't see the point.

The chart compares four different ways to save money by cutting cable. Here is an alternative that places the focus on the number of dollars saved:




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The $130 "all-in" gets lost and it is not clear which services comprise that package.

I like your example emphasizing dollars saved and I think it could be improved by adding some visual impression of the $130 baseline.


How do you write an entire article about leaving cable and not have a single mention about over the air HDTV?

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