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Numbersense, in Chinese and Japanese

This is a cross-post on my two blogs.

The new year brings news that my second book, Numbersense: How to Use Big Data to Your Advantage has been translated into Chinese (simplified) and Japanese. Here are the book covers:


In Chinese, the title reads: "Say No to Fake Big Data". Captures the sentiment of the book pretty well, I must say.


I have no idea what the Japanese title means. Perhaps a reader can help me out here.


The Japanese version is available here or here.

The Chinese version is here.

The English version is here.


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Oliver Mayor

When I saw this, I started translating the Japanese promo cover for language practice, but I finished I figured I might as well post it here. Here is my pretty literal translation of the whole thing, along with the phonetic transcriptions. Please excuse the roughness; I'm just a beginner-intermediate learner.

Nambaa Sensu
Number Sense

Biggu Deita no uso wo minugu
Seeing through lies of Big Data

Dokei Riterashii" no mi ni tsuke kata
How to have* "Statistical Literacy"
(*lit: wear)

カイザー・ファング 著
Kaisaa Fangu-cho
Kaiser Fung, author

矢羽野 薫 訳
Yahano Kaoru wake
Yahano Kaoru - transl.
(This might not be the right reading of the translator's name... apologies if so!)

YABAI Dokeigaku chosha
author of Bad Statistics*
*the Japanese title of Numbers Rule Your World

yononaka okashina bunseki
The whole world is covered with weird* analysis
*おかしい has broad connotations that include funny, bogus, strangely off

- resutoran no shuukyaku ni kuupon wa yakudatsu?
Do coupons help to increase patronage of restaurants?

shitsukyouritsu no sougen wo jikkan dekinai no wa naze?
Why can't we get a real sense of the fluctuations of unemployment?*
* a little shaky on this one

DAETTO dekiru ka dou ka wa doukei shidai?
Is whether diets work or not dependent on statistics?*
* not really sure about my translation on this one! I'll ask some actual Japanese people.

The last words in the image are just CCCxメディアハウス = CCCxMediaHouse.

I certainly welcome corrections from native Japanese speakers/more advanced learners!


Oliver: Thanks for your detailed translation! Another reader wrote me to confirm that the title roughly says "Number Sense- How to equip a "Statistical Literacy" which reveals (see through) the lies of Big Data."
Just for fun, I tried Google Translate: Number sense,
I see through the lies of Big Data,
And how wearing of "statistical literacy." At least you beat the machine!

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This was an excellent read. It gave me a unique perspective on the everyday tools that can be used by following the book's examples. It is definitely one of the best informative and interesting books I have read. I am looking forward to Fung's next book to come!

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