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Why is there a shaded area and regression line on the "Gini with vs without Adjustments" graph? Are there a set of countries that lie on that regression line? What's it supposed to represent? Wouldn't showing the countries be enough? And the scale goes from .25 to .4 and .45 to .7? Casual readers have a hard time as it is saying what this number represents. How much of a difference of .15 or .25 is meaningful? Chart obfuscates this. Personally the first one makes more sense to me since the data is ordered and it's easy to compare two multiples, rather than scatter plot.

Also, there's no such thing as a "typical" republican or democrat. And "right" and "left" are so nebulous, I question the use of quantitative values to describe them at all. Does one's pro-choice view cancel out anti-gay marriage??

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