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Stephen Matthews

Definitely nonsensical vertical axes here. I think the main NZ graph is purely intended to be the graphical equivalent of a pun; the horizontal lines creating a perspective illusion of a common farm fence you would find in Australia or New Zealand, with the sheep jumping over (though the real deal has many fewer wires). The smaller ones are equally silly; I think they are merely trying to fit the graphed lines aesthetically into the space without regard to the vertical scale.


I agree wit stephen. It appears to be a case of form at the sacrifice of function.

Blake Treadway

I find it funny that Bolivia is still dominated by sheep even though there are more humans. It's probably just a typo in the numbers below the plot.


What does the "K" in Faroe Islands mean?


Ken: It's a common abbreviation in business (at least in the US): K = 1000

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