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Fall 2014 (Oct 6 - Nov 24, Mondays 6:30-9:30)

New York University

Instructor: Kaiser Fung

Location: New York City


Learn how to make knock-out data visualization in an innovative, immersive and fun setting, with classmates who are similarly passionate about making the numbers speak visually.


The class is conducted in the style of creative-writing workshops. Each student will focus on one data visualization project during the term, and gain knowledge through drafting and revisions, offering and receiving critique, and above all, learning from others.


You will develop a discriminating eye for good visualizations. For students enrolled in the Certificate in Data Visualization, the course offers an ideal setting to demonstrate mastery of the integrated approach combining the perspectives of statistical graphics, graphical design, and information visualization.


Prerequisite: We welcome students from all backgrounds. A more diverse class makes a better experience for everyone. In order to be a full participant in the course, you should have prior experience making data graphics for an audience (broadly defined), and feel comfortable offering critique of others’ work.


Because of the workshop structure, enrollment is limited to 12 students. Enroll now to reserve your spot.




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