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Hypothesis: pie charts are correlated with muddled thinking. But which direction is the causal arrow?

A little something while I'm away

Note: This is cross-posted to both my blogs.

I have been on vacation. Regular posts will resume next week. Before then, here is a little something for you.

ASA News recently asked me to describe "a day in the life of" a business statistician. My response is here, together with responses by two others. 

As a statistician, I am worried about describing an "average" day for an "average" statistician. Better think of this as a day selected from a normal distribution that is close to its center.


If you have even more time, Andrew Gelman thinks these six posts are worth re-reading.

Happy weekend!



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Adam Schwartz

10:01 AM sounds like you're being subjected to a repeat of the Hawthorne Works experiments from the mid-1920s. :)

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