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Junk Charts is made by Kaiser Fung, the Web’s first data visualization critic. I discuss what makes graphics work, and how to make them better. Think chartjunk + junk art.

Here is my first post from more than ten years ago. These are the posts with the most (clicks): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. There are some things I say over and over again: the Trifecta Checkup, the self-sufficiency test, bumps charts, small multiples, the power of aggregation. I carefully tag all posts with topics so clicking on map shows all posts about maps. A list of topics is on the right column. Here is a call for more dataviz criticism.

Here is my other blog, about statistics and Big Data. Here is my twitter feed, aggregating both blogs. If you prefer RSS, there's one feed for Junk Charts, and one for Big Data Plainly Spoken.

I also write popular books about statistics applied to daily life. Here is Numbers Rule Your World, and Numbersense. Tom Peters tweeted: On my 13-hour Boston-Dubai flight, I re-read cover-2-cover Kaiser Fung's superb-useful-fun book Number Sense. Trust him, or trust me.

I am a business statistician and speaker/trainer for hire. This is about a few hours in my life. I built the data teams at Vimeo and SiriusXM. Click here to write me. Some citations in the media. Talks. A free course (currently off-line, looking for a new host). A syllabus for a past dataviz workshop.


You are welcome to reference materials on this blog with attribution. Please use the following:

Fung, Kaiser (May 26, 2014). Junk Charts Trifecta Checkup: The Definitive Guide.

Fung, Kaiser. Junk Charts blog.




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Thanks for the recap. :)


OT: Any thoughts on this?


Thank you! Actual information!


Hi there, your free course link leads to a 404 error at


Brett: Thanks for the heads up. The 3 Nights platform was a research project so I assume they decided to shut it down. I will look for a different place to put those videos, as you're not the only one to write me about this (I'm happily surprised that the class still has life :) )


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Josh Roberts

I'm always glad to find another chart enthusiast. My friend, Evan, and I spend so much time reading and creating charts, we turned the practice into a board game. Check out for our take on turning your passion for charts into a rocking good time!

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