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Jon Peltier

What I noticed first was the inconsistent number of significant digits in the percentage labels.


It is misleading in that the primary work of the humane society is not to run animal shelters, it is lobbying government on laws related to animal welfare, checking for companies and individuals that breach the existing laws and running campaigns to the public. I don't think humane watch cares if they are misleading, it is their purpose in life. A quick search shows that they are part of http://www.consumerfreedom.com which seems to be a lobbying firm that is presumably fully funded by agricultural companies and food (for want of a better word) companies, so they are defending the right of Americans to drink lots of soft drinks, get diabetes, kidney failure and die without ever being informed of the consequences. Presumably they also would rather that nobody knows how inhumane some farming practices are.


Part of the subtext here is that a number of farmer/agriculture groups perceive HSUS as a deceitful special interest organization that spends large sums of money on anti-meat consumption efforts while enjoying the support of the public who thinks their main effort is spent protecting pets. I wouldn't be surprised if this ad was funded by an agriculture trade group, intending to decrease public support for HSUS. From a marketing perspective, I'd say it's very effective.

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