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Kenneth Field

To be fair, at least the author of the map used an equal area projection so in terms of the construction, population density can be assumed to be consistent across the map. If they had gone for Mercator, for instance, there would be more blue and the pattern distorted...probably without anyone explaining that problem.


Kenneth: I don't know why one would assume equal population density across the map though.

Jon Peltier

You could show a map of population density next to a plot of density of economic activity (with perhaps more than just two levels), but then it would look a lot like the xkcd comic (http://xkcd.com/1138/).

A companion map might show the differential distribution, the last chart of http://junkcharts.typepad.com/numbersruleyourworld/2014/02/numbersense-and-true-lies.html spread out geographically. This would be the definitive map.

Jon Peltier

Kaiser - Kenneth said consistent, not constant, population density. I think he meant consistently-calculated, because unit area on the map is proportional to geographical unit area.

Data Recovery Utrecht

The first map is just shocking!!!

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