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This sounds awesome! If I read the website correctly, this course is only offered onsite at NYU. Do you have any plans to expand into online courses?


Darren: The school wants to offer an online version of the Certificate. I have to see how this class goes and then figure out how to offer it online. I'm taking suggestions for how to make this course work online given that in-class discussion is so central.

Lea SP

I would be very interested in an online version as well. In the meantime, will this course be offered again / ongoing? Spring doesn't work but would hate to miss out. Thanks!


Lea: The course is planned for every term although I can't promise that I'll be teaching it each time.


Hi Kaiser,

I will be attending your class at NYU this Saturday. I was curious if we need to bring the 3 books required to class?



Hi Brandon, bring them if you'd like to refer to quotes or examples from the book. You can probably get away with bringing some written notes. See you!


Hi Kaiser, Your website says the course is on Saturdays during Feb/Mar 2015. However, the link to the NYU page says the course is from April-May 2015 and it is an online course. I am a freelance consultant in data visualization and am looking for ways to improve my skills and practice on the subject. I would love to attend a workshop style course. I need to make travel plans, but would like to get some more clarity on the schedule. Thanks - Shaam


Shamm, for Spring 2015, the workshop is held in NYC on Tuesday nights 6:30-9ish. Thanks for the interest.

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