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Tom West

"In fact, in any given week, there are 200-300 eligible squads, of which only one is fielded."
There's 2,002 ways to pick 9 players out of 14... is there some other restriction going on here?


Players are limited to certain positions. A quarterback, for example, can't be played as a receiver.


I'm really confused with your descriptions compared to what I see in the charts.

For example, you say Week 4 was great, and Week 7 was terrible... But they look virutally identical to me. What am I missing here?


I had to stare at those, too. It's the position of the histogram within the box. The horizontal scale is on #13 and applies to each box.


Aaron: yes, I think ggplot should have included horizontal scale on each column of charts.

Jeff's right. There are two things to look for in these charts: one is the location (& range) of the histograms which tells you how good your set of 15 players are, then you want to look at where the vertical line cuts the histograms (which tells you how good your activated squad of 9 was relative to alternatives).


Should add that there is probably a way to include horizontal scale on each column of charts. I just used the default for facet_wrap.

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