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Light entertainment: a ribbon chart

A reader sent in this amusement. See if you can figure out the chart:


The article is here. It then goes into a lot of numbers about 200 accidents. I didn't pay much attention after that first paragraph, where it said 16% of the accidents were in one year, with 84% in the next year. That implied a growth of more than five times from one year to the next. Seems to me an issue with data collection. The author then goes on to aggregate the two years, and reports dozens of findings.

Anyway, what is the point of the ribbon chart?


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John Michael Mills

The ribbon chart has nothing to do with the report, which is here:

Now, this report. It itself a goldmine of bad charts, quite educational.


My assumption after reading the summary is that they wanted to look at 200 accidents, and they were able to find 168 from 2010, and then took the other 32 from 2009.

As for the chart, it appears to be a generic illustration for "statistics". It is just as bad an illustration as it would be a chart though...


Well, it obviously says that if you got an F in statistics, then you had more accidents!

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