Rotating circle, loose ends, on-line dashboards and charts
More power brings more responsibility



Perhaps the different colours represent different bore holes, or whatever these things are called? That, or there's LSD involved.


I think it is actually areas. Each borehole is tapped and then depleted over several years, so that the top of the curve represents the total production for a given year.
Besides that probably not the best chart around.


It's the incremental production added from a given year. A clever way to show the contribution of a given year's completion to a field's lifetime. You can see that the "easy" wells drilled in 2000 have a slower decline than those in 2010. It's a game of catching up when you start going after the harder production.

Lemmusx2: I also wondered if each color represented a single well, but many wells are drilled in a year.


I agree with to.

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