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John Henderson

Hi Kaiser -- thanks for posting my submission, as well as for your follow up questions which prompted me to attempt the above re-make. Initially, it was just a horrible, horrible 3D bar chart. Actual issues with what the visualization portrayed became more clear with the re-plot.

I'd add that it wasn't initially clear that "All APs" was just a weighted average of the inner APs and outer APs. Trying a few points (8/25 * inner + 17/25 * outer) confirmed this. Initially, I thought they took a separate sampling from all APs for that data. Since this means they're really only looking at inner vs. outer and WCL vs. GPR+WCL, we could just list or plot the averages with a different color on the dot plot vs. them making separate bars for them.

Plus, with two less bars per grouping... they could have stayed away from plaid :)

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