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Not a Canadian, but the first 10 are in order from west to east.


Not even a map is required... The drinking age across Canada is 19 except in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, where it is 18 years old - Done!


It is photoshopped :P

Tom West

10 provinces west to east (i.e. the order they appear on the map), then the three territories west to east. It's the standard way of listing provinces/territories in Canada.


Here is how the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse itself displays these data (in a table, in alphabetical order):


dan l

This isn't even map worthy.


I laughed so hard at this. This is not a graph, this is a piece of art.

Alexander Mosquera

That is the dumbest graph I have ever seen.


Bar charts should never (yes never) start at anything other than zero. Length matters, and a non-zero axis screws up comparing lengths of the bar.

I imagine you could create this graph in any graphing software.


As was mentioned above the provinces, then the territories are listed from west to east. I have only seen this here and in the table of contents of a book on the best pubs in Canada from 2005. I suspect the author was from Lotusland.

It should be provinces from east to west and then territories east to west as we used to do it when I worked for the Federal Government.

In any case either way is superior to listing provinces alphabetically which is totally non-intuitive.


Yukon is west of NWT and Nunavut, isn't it?...Looks like provinces from west to east, then territories alphabetically. Nice.

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