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I went to the dot com website referenced in the lower left of the chart. Dear me, to think that such a collection of basic Excel templates is an entire company putting its best foot forward!

And yet, I regularly get visited by the latest consultants our directors have hired, so I can help them make a standard bar or pie chart, so they can take it back with a fat invoice attached. Maybe I should get into that racket.


Great post.
I wonder how many of the respondents were 1-man shows?


This is a chart from The Economist about GDP world change:
I am unable to understand what piles represent.
World GDP change is given by GDP(final)/GDP(initial)-1. It is a weighted average of the different area GDP changes. But why does it appear nearly as the sum of the area GDP changes?
Sum of percentage or average of percentages? This is the dilemma.

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