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[This is a cross-post from the sister blog, Numbers Rule Your World]

Some interviews with me or snippets of such have surfaced recently. Here is a list:

Kate Meersschaert interviewed me for New Learning Times (link; registration required). I talked about my teaching philosophy, and why I write books.

Jay Ulfelder, a political scientist who keeps an interesting blog, recommends Numbers Rule Your World, and a few other books for political scientists (link).

If you haven't heard already, 2013 is the International Year of Statistics. I was one of the talking heads here.

Here, I talk about the history of Junk Charts, and the new paradigm of interactively building graphs, as opposed to the template paradigm popularized by Excel.



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Chadd McNicholas

Hey Kaiser,

I recently interviewed for a company that relies heavily on web analytics. For my second interview, they sent me a bunch of their data, and asked me to report out my findings. Instead of doing a slide show of graphs, I took a risk and did an interactive analysis primarily using JMP's Graph Builder (and a couple other platforms). They were blown away by this...and yes, I start on May 1 :).


Hi Chadd, Congratulations! I'm really glad to hear this.

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