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If you're down to two dimensions, how about a scatter chart?


Or success/dollar.

Jon Peltier

I'm with Derek. Where's the scatter plot?

Don Monroe

What Derek and Jon said.

Michael Chen

It's odd that the amount pledged for games is the highest of the categories and yet it has among the lowest rate of being fully funded. Is this a sign of inefficiency?

Well, on Kickstarter, the Games category is divided into two subcategories - Video Games and Tabletop Games.

From what I've seen, the Video Games are responsible for most of the money (with big successes usually tied to existing IP that people are nostalgic for). I suspect that the Tabletop Games are responsible for the high failure rate (I have seen a lot of shoddy-looking RPG and board game projects on Kickstarter.)

Why so many shoddy-looking RPG and board game projects on Kickstarter? I think that people feel they can get by with a certain lack of polish when they are asking for $1000 to print their RPG rulebook pet project, but instinctively know they couldn't do that when asking for $1,000,000 to write their own video game.

Just my $.02.

Kris Lee

For the scatter chart, you could play with swapping the axes. Now the Dance would become the top most and music has the middle ground on both cases.

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