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Kristian (Pedersen)

"accept" that the colors have no meaning and they simply start over in a lighter hue after the first six, blue --> grey, this is how Excel is set up as well only with different default colors)

probably the dashing then was intended to make the lines distinguishable also in black and white print, but not carried through to all the lines since the dashing is difficult to see in the legend any way

this is how I would have started out doing the diagram some years ago before realizing there were better ways : -)

Alex Lea

If the data was popped into Tableau, you can create dynamic filters to keep, say, the top five etc.

It can also use highlighting to pick out one line at a time when each system is either selected or moused over.

Finally, the tooltip function means you can include any relevant metadata in a callout to keep the chart clutter-free.


When will Tableau come to the Mac?

Chris Pudney

The charts are difficult to read - the FIA uses them to visualize Formula 1 race results.

I tried implementing one in D3.js and added interactivity (highlight on mouse-over; click to zoom), which as you suggest improves things quite a bit, see

I think the higlighting shortcuts you suggest (top movers; top-10) would also work well.

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