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Bracket as target

The MLB found an innovative way to present the play-off matchup and results:


I took this photo at the MLB Fan Cave in Manhattan. This was a marketing gimmick in which a bunch of guys were placed into this "fishbowl" and watched every game in the past baseball season. Excuse the scaffolding that was blocking the view.

I like the metaphor of hitting the bull's eye target, and the smooth progression from outside circles to inside. The design also accommodated the wild-card round well.


By contrast, here is the usual bracket presentation:


(This image came from the MLB Fan Cave website.)


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Chris Unitt

If you've not come across it before I'm sure you'll enjoy Alan Partridge's World Cup Wheel:

Joe Mako

Here is another example:


Like it!

Aleksey Nozdryn-Plotnicki

I believe this stuff comes from this guy:

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