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Are positive numbers faster or slower than median?

Tom West

@conchis : "Minutes *from* median rider* implies positive is slower.


Hi everyone,

I allow myself to put a few comments on that excellent chart, please let me know if I'm out of line.

Following Conchis and Tom West comments, the way it is shown now could be deceiving as one would naturally think that the higher is the better...

As well, maybe some sorting by performances rather than alphabetical order would make it a bit easier to read ? (either by fastest runner or by fastest group)

A possible nice to have would be a yellow line for the "maillot jaune" ?

Last point, maybe showing 6x4 charts rather than 5x5 would allow an easier "glimpse" and general view on a screen. This seems to have been design for a paper format (A4) which is quite different from the format of a computer's screen.

All in all, it looks excellent and I had to put on my "critism" hat to put these little comments.
I hope this didn't bored you to death,


Floormaster Squeeze

I want to like this chart (and the updated ones) but I am having trouble interpreting the horizontal access. What does it mean to have everyone at median on the Prologue line? The Prologue may begin with everyone at median but it does not end that way. Is the prologue results really shown on the Stage 1 line? If this is so it should not have a "Stage 4" label on it as it does not include the results for Stage 4 and is thus misleading.

Floormaster Squeeze

"Axis" not "Access". Sorry.

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