U.S. exceptionalism and billionaires
Infographics worthy of the name

Spacing out on the space race

Jordan G. sent us to this Wikipedia image. (link)


Intriguing concept to try to show the tit-for-tat in the space race between US and USSR. But it's almost impossible to fish any information out of it. While the voluminous text turned sideways is annoying enough, I find the color scheme to be the most offensive. Would like to know who is the intended audience.


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It links to a white version: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Space_Race_1957-1975_black_text.png

Jordan G

My fiance pointed out the oh-so relevant details to the space race listed at the bottom. Here's some of our favorites:

"Winston Churchill Dies (Stroke)"
"Trousers accepted for women's everyday wear"
"Interracial marriage legalized in the US"
"First Super Bowl"
"Sony Markets Betamax"

dan l

Interesting data, but probably a bit too much on the page.

Something like this might be a job for one of those infographic jobs. I know there are some mixed opinions on their value, but if you were to do this in that format and some how avoid 3d animated bubblecharts, it might work.


Catchy 'space race' info, graphics gone bad...

Caroline Beavon

I like the idea of showing the various space landmarks reached by each country - but as commented above, there is way too much added information. I think the "context" facts are unnecessary as they do not directly relate to the subject being discussed.

The suggestion of an infographic is a good one - a chart of this style but where the design helps tell the story, not hinder it. As there are no particular "values" (apart from the years) then there is no real need for exactitude so an infographic should work.


Wow. This chart is ridiculously bad on every level.
What is the y axis meant to display?
What are we meant to learn from the thick red and blue lines? What are we measuring?

Is the unmarked y axis a measure of distance into space...?
Seems unlikely to be to scale in any way.

While I am sure a trendy infographic could be made for this data, it seems to me a simple classic timeline graphic would display it best.

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