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Dimitriy V. Masterov

Do you know what software was used to produce that animation?

Dona Wong

Technical information:
Time series data is presented on a set of chloropleth maps representing the Second District (by county) and Long Island (by zip code). Shapefiles for these two geographic regions were converted into SVG graphics and rendered for the browser using the RaphaelJS library, resulting in a web native visualization that does not require plug-ins and runs on all iOS devices.

Michael Thompson

Another two critiques I will add:
1. What is the objective of the visualization here? Is the Fed looking to advise regional banks on geographical likelihood of delinquency or foreclosure using a snapshot of historical data? Seems like a waste of resources and time. Banks use predictive models that are much more sophisticated than this visualization. In this context, it becomes a rear mirror 'so what?'.

2. If the objective is more on a human-relations level and meant to memorialize the level of pain residents in the area have felt, it also fails. The data is displayed by discrete geographies that bear little relation to the social fabric and community. A small improvement could be cutting the data by congressional district.

Dave Gyra

A bigger picture would be much appreciated. so that visitors of your site doesn't have a hard time reading.

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