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dan l

What would you consider an effective and appropriate way to encode different races on visualizations?

I would go to color brewer and get a couple of random colors. There's simply nothing good that comes out of trying to encode the colors with any perceived 'realism'.


I think that we have to change olympic flag. The five colors are not politically correct. It is better to use numbers. But not 13 and 17 which are unlucky (in my country). And not six because triple six is the satanic number. And not odd, because "odd" seems a bit strange. And not large because... No, just a step back. Maybe it is better to use letters. Not only from M to Z, since letters from A to F can be interpreted as votes, and J is Joke. Just a moment. A mathematician can argue that R is better than Q and Z, because there are more reals than rationals and integers... Please discard them. Uhm... ok, I am. Use hieroglyphics. And kill every Egyptologist. Yes, this is a great solution.

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