When simple arithmetic doesn't cut it
Three lessons from Jobs


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It's an interactive chart...can't you see? You need to click on the dots to see the country. If you could tell the country without clicking, it wouldn't be interactive. Get it?

Jon Peltier

Which countries?! The ones with the red dots, duh.

Joking aside, am I the only one who was initially confused, thinking light was land and dark was water? Took mgr like 30 seconds before the optical illusion switched them in my mind.

Tom S.

It's relevant to point-out that it's a UK magazine with an audience which could presumably identify European nations by their relative placement. Still, borders would be nice.

Jon- I'm with you. I was entirely confused by the shading. It reminded me of Buster from Arrested Development: "clearly the blue means land"


To save everyone time, the "No" votes are: Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Malta, and Estonia. Everyone else is a yes. I'm guessing they made it "interactive" so that it'd be easier to update, but using the same dots for two clear categories is an astronishing oversight.


Completely crazy in terms of implementation - you'd have thought they at least colour the dots differently. It reminds me of one of those online "Guess the capital city" games.

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