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Jon Peltier

I'm with you about the line charts. Care must be taken when ordering categories, but no more than should be taken with bar charts.

Matt Perry

This might be a bit of nitpicking, but the large background color area you describe as the Midwest seems to be more in the Great Plains area. That's minor, though, and I'm sure some would disagree (my Indiana upbringing might be subconsciously behind my view that the Midwest is closer to the Great Lakes). Great analysis of the chart and map approaches, as usual, and yet another reason why I love stopping by this site.


Matt, Kaiser's a New Yorker.


Matt & zbicyclist: Haha. I plead a double handicap. I'm also an immigrant.

Matt Perry

zbicyclist and Kaiser: Ha! That's awesome. Thanks, both of you, for your replies to my needless nitpicking.


I'll admit I snorted a bit when I saw the map of Alaska. No way is that representative of actual coverage due to the way the state is organized into political subdivisions. There is no true equivalent of a county that will completely subdivide the state. Options include choosing to use (a) the organized boroughs while also recognizing the unorganized borough, (2) census districts, (3) state house or senate districts, or (4) a special concoction.

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