All potatoes are not born equal, says chart
Small data sets present graphing challenges

Another reminder: most pie charts are unreadable

I'm outsourcing today's post to reader Joel D., who describes himself as a geographer, professional researcher and son of a graphics designer. He wrote a wonderful entry about the following pie chart:


 You know this "big graphic" is in big trouble when the caption tells you only 4 clubs made a profit and yet you'd be hard pressed to locate those 4 clubs from the chart itself!

The other telling sign is using blocks to represent profit/loss. This never works whether the blocks are pie sectors or stacked bars. Line charts are much better.

Joel has much more commentary, and an improved chart here.  Enjoy!


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I'm with you - I can't make head nor tail of this one! Papers are too keen on the eye candy.

Been lurking for a while - thanks for the great content.

Andy Kriebel

The way Arsenal played this year, just having Song's picture on the article makes it unreadable.


This is a brilliant post, im really glad I found it thank you very much.

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