Have data graphics progressed in the last century?
The best way to handle two dimensions may be to not use two dimensions

Light entertainment: enjoy the shower!

Reader Chris P. sends us to the shower:


I'm not sure who created this chart. But great work! Love it.


When I first came to the States, it puzzled me that two dimensions (flow, temperature) could be condensed onto one control. I still don't understand why.


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Tom West

I agree! One lever should not do two jobs! Almost as bad are the showers with a hot tap and a cold tap, so that the sum is the flow, and the ratio is the temperature. My first shower had one thing for flow and the one thing for temperature, and I have never worked out why anyone woul do anything else. Oh, and the temperature control used a thermostat, so that "6" was always the same temperature, not matter how hot or cold the hot and cold water.
Gosh, quite a rant there.


The one-action faucet (controlling both warmth and volume) was introduced supposedly (I heard this offhand from a plumber) in order to guard against scalding water (the magma end of the scale). And supposedly the mechanism has a limit on the amount coming from the hot water feed-in pipe. To reduce the super hot angle, one should reduce the max temperature on the hot-water heater (if you are lucky enough to have control of that). That said, yes, I think it is crazy to have anything other than a control with two dimensions, one for volume and one for heat.


We do have a one thing for flow one thing for temp kind of shower control however I rarely use the former in any other way except zero to full flow and vice versa. That said we do have very little water pressure in our appartment.


Oh my gosh I love this graph!! It made me laugh. The bad thing is when I take showers with my wife, she seems to like the red area literally. The hot is all the way on and I can't step under it.


I have to admit it is a conspiracy to waste energy by forcing "hot water = max flow".

It is also so simple and cheap to fix if you are stuck with one of the single-control shower setups.

Just get one of these:

Alsons Incredible Head Power Shower Head

or these:

Elite shower head

The lever or button on the shower head allows you turn turn down the flow while the temperature is warm enough.


I do not know who prepared these statistics. Really have time. I can show you a gem. I'm Hungarian. This is an Hungarian book. But I still do not understand the title. http://www.konyv-konyvek.hu/book_images/13a/999637113a.jpg

Pankaj Saraf

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I am loving this graph.this is really funny .

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