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Why is the CO2 Emissions per Capita scaled from low on top to high at the bottom? My first impression was that as human development index increases, CO2 emissions per capita go down, and I know that's not true!


Daniel: Agreed. The atypical scale is disorienting.


The reason for inverting the Y-axis was more a political-emotional one: We don't want people to look on the graph and say: We wonna be "up there" (upper right part, with a normal graph) like the others. By inverting the Y-axis, we give the development of increasing CO2 emissions a "negative" character. Now, the question would be: Do we wonna be "down there" (lower right part, with the inverted style) like the others? No, we wonna be in the upper right part! (Translating into high HDI and low CO2 per capita.)

The "normal" display is on our website too (with GDP instead of HDI). And, yes, physiologically, it makes a difference. Although, I fully agree with the difficulties which imply the use of an inverted scale.

As well, the use of a logarithmic scale is very treacherous. Although traditionally used, and much more easy to design, and more appealing, we've just added a version with linear scale. Makes quite an astonishing difference! Looks like this:


sorry but it is totally obvious to find a correlation between the measures reported in the bubble chart: the variable on the y-axis is a component of the index on the x-axis; it is however useful for testing to control if the variable correctly explain the potential the analyst guess exists towards the index.


@datamaps: I don't know if I understand you correctly. But as far as I can see it the variable on the y-axis is NOT a component of the index on the x-axis. The HDI is composed of three variables: GDP, school enrollment, and life expectancy. That there is a strong correlation between CO2 emissions and GDP is known, but not mandatory. Although it's a long way for "green economy" and "resource efficiency" to find its way into practice...


@stef: yeah, you're right, so sorry... I worked a lot on many different things those days and I've just mixed up a bit :( it's the Human 'Sustainable' Development Index that contains the emissions ratio

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