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There are two issues on the better graph you realized and that could improve the whole thing.

1. Showing that it is from 2007 to 2010. The labeling gives only 2007 and creates confusion when seen alone without the context of the text.

2. Adding the word "World". The market share and profit share are intended to be worldwide. It is important, because many many articles are often given number when it is only USA market shares, and people copy them thinking it is worldwide.

Horace Dediu

Thanks for the analysis. My first attempt was using the second chart you show, but I did not like it because of the clutter and noisy look. I agree about the harmonizing of the scale. I should have done it and was thinking of it after it was published. Someone at gizmodo took it and added color to the vectors. It was an improvement as you could see each vendor as a different color.

(by the way, the numbers were all for cellular phones)

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