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Michael Joner

I think an important question here involves emphasizing the higher total amount of dollars for Republican-leaning vs. Democrat-leaning. (Of course, since the plot only covers the top 15, this conclusion may be biased.) At any rate, I might group the dots for the Democrat-leaning on one side of the x-axis and the dots for the Republican-leaning on the other side and then add a colored dashed line for average contribution of each group.


I find imagining the complete squares very easy, actually - but then run into the problem of perspective; my eyes are sure the box at the back must be huge, considering its distance away from me...


Don't the "squares" sit in holes? At least that's how I understand those bases they're on. So it becomes a simple column chart where the baseline isn't at zero.

And maybe their widths are scaled by the same ratio as their heights? Can't really tell. My brain wants to assume that I'm looking at a row of columns from an angle and that their right sides (as I look at them) really line up, but look staggered from the perspective.

And the colors remind me of Excel's default pastel palette.

All in all, yuck.

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