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Jon Peltier

However important the chronology is, it's one of the features which was addressed ineffectively in this graphic. Months are treated as categories, repeated when multiple events occurred within a month, and practically skipped when a month was silent.

I lost interest in it after 20 seconds.


As the designer of this infographic, I have to agree with all the criticism. I was really just stuffing too much info in the trunk and hoping the reader would stumble across an insight.

I will admit that data-driven infographics are not my strong suit.

I suppose this chart would server better as a quick reference than have any sort of narrative.


Jess: Thanks for the comment. You already did all the hard work to pull together the data. All it takes is some storyboard planning. For example, you can divide the acquisitions into types of businesses being acquired; now within each section, you can have the chronology and the size of the businesses, and so on. Or you can divide the companies by size first, and then within each size bucket, investigate the types of businesses, and so on.

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