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Another contest

Here's another infographics contest.  It's organized by the White House ( The theme is "How do I become President?" It's billed as an infographics contest although I'm not sure how much data can be leveraged to answer this question. Also, as a naturalized citizen, I can't help but think that certain American kids are less excited about entering this contest. (Paging Arnie in California ...)


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dan l

I'm not going to snark 2 of your posts in a row.

dan l

Ah screw it. You're asking for it:

My daughter and I just finished up her entry. It's a pie chart but instead of a traditional fill, it's just a picture of Rahm Emanuel with a steak knife cutting up a porterhouse that says "Jesse Jackson Jr's Political Career"


Oh wait, n/m, that's the "how to be mayor of Chicago" infographics contest. Oh yeah, and my daughter is only 3.

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