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Re: ranking variance within the team: this is exactly what I would expect from team members protecting the team leader. They work to protect the team leader stage-by-stage *without regard for their own overall ranking*. So the people who are good in the mountains will not do anything heroic on the sprint stages, and vice versa; then on the stages that are their specialty, when the team leader needs their skills, they'll step up and help him out, while the other specialties hang back. A chart of the stage-by-stage results should probably show that the team leader is never far from his teammates, but it's a different set of teammates depending on the stage profile.

Rob Meekings

It would be interesting to colour the line segments in the small multiples chart where riders are wearing one of the jerseys. This could then be used to look for correlations between, for example, the sprint jersey and leader's jersey in the early stages, etc.



Ranks alone are by far not enough to understand what is going on within the Tour, though one interesting perspective to start with.
Take a look at this post to get all three views:
(i) stage times
(ii) cumulative times
(iii) ranks

There is also a link to the data and the software that allows you to create these charts on your own and select the features you are interested in.

I am about to add the rider types (i.e., climber, helper, etc.) which will be a nice additional insight, which I will post in a special after the Tour finished.
(Btw, you will find visualizations and data of the last 5 Tours there as well.)


Cool plots, Martin! Lots of different ways to look at stage race data like this...I used to rest day today to go back and grab data for this year's Giro! Should be fun...

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