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Dona Wong

It was an absolute delight speaking with Kaiser Fung at NYU Stern. As one member of the audience said, "Kaiser's high-level and useful critique, which clearly comes from a statistician's point of view is a good complement to Dona's great sense of humor that lifts the tone of information design to a more accessible place, with great examples of information transformations."

You can see many more examples of dos and don'ts in the book "The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics."

Mikael Simberg

While I do like the trifecta checkup 'triangle', it did get me thinking if it fulfills the criteria itself... (ok, it's not really a chart, but probably a diagram). What's the triforce style background doing for the diagram? And the purple (with a gradient) background? Smells like chartjunk to me ;)

Why not just have the questions in the same triangular fashion, but use black text on white with the words 'practical question', 'data say' and 'chart say' in bold or even in red to emphasize. That would seem to do the job much more efficiently.

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