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Over at the Numbers Rule Your World blog, I just announced that the Kindle version of the book is now available from Amazon. Many of you pestered me about the Kindle version, and finally it's here.

For those not aware, I have been publishing statistics related posts on the sister blog. You can click here or on the tab labeled "Book Blog" above, or on the button on the right, nicely designed by my designer-friend Amanda.

Recent posts have dealt with credit scores used by employers, interpreting the placebo effect as a case of regression to the mean, the collective mis-reporting of retail sales growth by the media, and the intricacies of processing climate data

If you haven't already, bookmark the sister blog, or subscribe to its RSS feed. I also have a twitter page, and even a Facebook fan page.


At least a few of you have read the book, and even contributed a review or two to Amazon. Thank you very much!

The book reviews have been gratifying, and several reviewers made connections to Freakonomics and Malcolm Gladwell. Comments included "easy-read", "engaging", "surprisingly accessible", "honest", "clear and insightful", "a joy to read", "fun", "entertaining", "extremely insightful".

Five readers -- which turned into six due to a logistics issue -- won free signed copies of the book. (Please be patient, the orders are still being processed.) Congratulations and thanks to McGraw-Hill for supporting this effort.

I continue to place signed copies of the book at the McNally-Jackson bookstore in New York City. They also take delivery orders from anywhere in the U.S.


On April 30, I will be giving a talk at NYU's Stern School on "Five Years of Chart Reading" (Kaufman Management Center, 5-90 at 11:30 am). This is a joint event with Dona Wong, the author of The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics. Please come and see us.


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