Light entertainment: Stop the insanity
Leave good alone


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I love how the pie chart's legend is better than the pie chart itself, and a good candidate for its replacement!


What more do you want? It's numbered from... 2 to 4.

Gerald Higgins

But the legend isn't great. We might expect the slices to be sequenced in order of the size of the time interval that they represent - 1st Less than 1 hour, 2nd 6-10 hours, 3rd Over 10 hours. But they're not - they're sequenced by size. Also, there's at least one interval missing - 1-6 hours, although presumably there were no responses in that category. But it would still have been good to LIST that category, and make the point that there were zero responses in it.
I also like the absurdly extreme precision in the numbers - there were 9 responses, 9 are represented in the chart, and we need to be told that this is not just 100%, but 100.00%.

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