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A small makeover of the blog is being planned in the near future, which among other things will involve retiring some features. As a courtesy to readers, I am providing the list of features I consider dispensable - please speak up if you like to save any of these:

  • Trackbacks - does anyone use these anymore?
  • Calendar view
  • Digg this - hot then, not so hot now?
  • Monthly archives - I'd like the tag cloud to be the main conduit to old posts; however, I know that the really old posts were not tagged properly so I may or may not remove these
  • Favorite - I like this function; I just don't like the fact that Typepad makes you register to use it
  • Reblog - seems like an interesting, new idea, premature?
  • Add to Typepad People List - are there any Typepad People out there?
  • Add to Google/Bloglines/My Yahoo/Newsgator - did you subscribe by pressing on these buttons or other means?

The following are saved:

  • Monthly archives


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I suggest keeping the monthly archives. No preference for the other features.


fwiw, I subscribed using add to google

Travis Bradshaw

I generally like the "AddThis" buttons that combine all of the possible social networking based sharing into a single, compact design element. http://www.addthis.com/


The monthly archives is the only feature there I'd miss. If you replace it with the tag cloud, can you tag posts with their year at least?


I used the add to google and prefer the monthly archives.

Thanks for the great blog.

Tony Rose

I might suggest going with something like Wordpress which is extremely customizable. Also, utilizing the left sidebar might give you more room to spread things out. I like the archives section, but a drop down box with all of them would help save some room. Just my 2 cents.


Just a suggestion for the monthly archives, if you can customize it easily enough: I've seen monthly archives presented as a year with the string JFMAMJJASOND on the line below. Each letter is a hypertext link to the month, so that a whole year occupies only two lines instead of twelve, which seems like a nice space-saving concept.

Year and JFMAMJJASOND on one line would save even more space, but I believe it exceeded the width of the blogs' sidebars in that format. I've seen an alternative compromise with year+JASOND on one line and year+JFMAMJ on the next, going backward in time six months per line.


Not really liking the new banner. The style contradicts the mission of simplicity and efficiency. Not that a banner would keep me from coming here daily :)


Ike: It will still be a few days before I can reveal the new design - what you saw this morning was some kind of accident that exposed a discarded concept. No worries.

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