Color coodination
The flattened staircases


Welcome to the new Junk Charts. 

Apart from the facelift (thanks to my friend Amanda), I have added a sister blog which will focus on statistical thinking in everyday life, the theme of my book. The original Junk Charts will continue to examine graphics and data presentation in the mass media.



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Nice facelift. I find however a header of 420 pixels height somewhat exaggerated. This means on older screens and laptops that even to be able to read the first lines you have almost to start scrolling. Hey, the header just bears some basic information in most cases, link to the homepage, menu, contact etc. - and in your case even nothing than the title. I like artwork, but, to use the theme of your blog, this is art-junk, upon my opinion. Don't want to let it sound soo rude however....


Second that. Nice artwork but the site would benefit from cropping at the least the top and bottom thirds of the banner. Graphic artists often forget that many people viewing the web, even with the latest laptops and mobile devices still have much smaller screens than the typical designers LCD monitor.


Third that. I sometimes browse this site on my phone. Now it's a lot more cumbersome.


Jesus Christ it's the year 2010. Do we really need to limit everything we publish online to cater to archaic machines?



It depends -- do you want customers? Then, yes.
As long as a substantial part of the target market uses particular devices, it is in our interest to make their experience pleasant/memorable on that set of devices.

Todd B.

Agreed on the header is way too big.


We made the banner smaller.

Andy Cotgreave

Lovely banner - but 21st century or not, it's too big! Yes, we all have big monitors these days, but we also now have smartphones with tiny screens.

I'd suggest that the name junk charts is the most important thing - the banner only needs to be as tall as that.

Also, given the nature of this blog, and its wonderful, fully justified mission to banish all chart junk, isn't a banner that takes up over 20% of my 1152×864 screen just another instance of junk?

(BTW - not trying to be a troll - I read all your posts and love the blog; I guess I'm like most people and only comment when I have something to complain about! Keep up the great work)


I like the new artwork. It's simple and refreshing.


Is it just me? I can't see the header at all - just blank white space. Using Firefox, cookies off, flash off.


Catherine: I'm still playing around with the settings. You caught it at a moment when the link was broken. It's back up again.


Thanks - can see it now - & I like it!

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