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That's superb. It would be great to see the NYT do something like this on their web site, with interactive capability such that when you mouse over a line or a state, the line and state are both highlighted.

Hadley Wickham

Dan Carr coined the named "linked micromap plots" for this type of display. You can read more at: http://mason.gmu.edu/~dcarr/lib/v9n1.pdf


Hi Hadley,
I did put that reference in my code, and since linked micromaps certainly aren't my idea, should probably be referenced in the post somewhere ;)
I just wanted to see if I could do it in R "easily". and it seemed like the right approach for this data.


There are now two R packages to make linked micromaps. The package micromapST can be used to summarize statistical and spatial data by U.S. states. The package micromap can be used to summarize data over different polygons, or areal units,such as watersheds, ecoregions, etc.

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