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Andrew Gelman

Good point on plotting all the dots. If we'd thought of that, we would've done it. I was pretty proud of my original idea which was to combine many Dems as one point and many Reps as another, thus showing 100 senators without having to make a graph with 100 lines (that's how the original version looked).


Andrew: I suspect that your original idea would work better than my suggestion for the mass audience. Statisticians would probably want to see all the data - and dare I say it, how about replacing the averages with boxplots?

Ulrich Seidl

on http://www.hichert.com/de/consulting/managementberichte/78-diagrammstrip ( http://www.hichert.com/downloads/newsletter/Chart_Strip_a.pdf )
you can follow a similar dicussion and download a chart-strip dealing with those issues referring "better" charts

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