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The Primer timeline is actually quite clear using that same chart type. If you check the wikipedia page for it there's a very clear graphic in a similar style that clears up the time traveling very well. Okay... nevermind, that graphic is now gone. :/ But it WAS there. :-)


great post. thanks for this. I really need something like this.


great post..
thanks for shared


What is the software/process for creating the line chart series? Would they be created in a single step or are they created separately and then lined up later in a graphic package?


D: I'm not sure which line chart series you're talking about, the 10x5 or the 50x1. In any case, if you use a graphics-friendly software like R, it is not difficult to generate such charts. You define the size of the grid for which to fit the individual charts. Since the charts are "small multiples", you then use a loop to fill in the grid one chart at a time.

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