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The first poster on http://geodata.grid.unep.ch/extras/posters.php seems to use the wrong units, rather than ktoes it should be toes. This matches the fourth graph which has American CO2 at about 20 tonnes/capita which seems reasonable for 8 tonnes of oil.


I'm assuming the comment on development is related to the graph showing countries in G8 and G20 in different colors. That a country belongs to G8 or G20 depends on the size of its economy, not its level of development. More fair would be to classify according to per capita income.

But level of development is difficult to quantify. Depending on your point of view, you could for example measure level of development as the proportion of waste recycled. :)

Kiko Laneras

What do you think of using the original units on the axis and then mark their average with two crossing lines?

The deviation of each data point will be more difficult to read, but you keep the information of the original variables and avoid the use of normalization which can be misleading for the casual reader.


Is there somewhere to download the raw data used here?

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