Life-enabling charts
Following one's nose 2


Cluttered, and ineffective (from here)


Nice!  Simple, sharp, fun even (from here)



  • No data labels
  • No dots, squares, triangles
  • No legend, fun use of pictures

Could be even better:

  • No line shadows (get rid of that new Excel default)
  • Clean up the year labels, only one needed for each year
  • Include the line for "other devices" since this chart is about market share, and we don't want to miss the trend for "others"

Reference: "Chart of the Day", Oct 28 2009,; "Apple Soars Behind iPhone 3GS Momentum", October 27, 2009,



Another improvement could focus on the audience that does not know what different phones look like. I wouldn't know what the phones were (except the iPhone) unless I had the first chart for reference.

Tommi Himberg

Not related to this post in particular, but couldn't find other means of bringing this to your attention...

A funny example of "Minard-like" graphs about movie narratives:


Tommi: you can submit ideas to my gmail account. The user name is the name of the blog.

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