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The number of points won while serving is evidence of a good serve. Then the number of points one when receiving is evidence of a good return of service. Could this be evidence that he is very good at rallying as opposed to good at service return serve. Better stat to support these points would be.

Some stats are normalised, so not affected by how long a match goes, such as pcercentage of second points one. Whereas another key stat - unforced errors is not normalised for length of match. So the second round blowout in unforced errors would be partly due to inconsistent play, but also partly due to a longer match.

And for a tennis ignoramous like me, how would I know whether 10 aces and 75% of first serve points one is good bad or average? At least I know he is 5th on the list of first serve return points one. But this stat is not a percentage, so he has a huge advantage over all but the 16 players which made the fourth round. And there are 8 players who won, so he might well be 5th out of 8 players who made the final 8 in this stat?

But then as the stat is dependant on number of first serves faced, it may have been better if he faced opponents who got a higher percent of first serves in. Or if he had played longer matches etc.

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