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Michael Pierce

I wonder if they would have gotten so creative in today's world of Excel charting...how do you make an Excel chart jump out of its boundaries like that? :)

L. Zoel

I think it has more to do with the requirement that the figure fit on one page than some strange asthetic reason. In a digital world where we're no longer confined by the amount of space on a piece of paper there's simply no need for this degree of confusing finaggling.


Graphics may no longer need to be on paper, but they definitely still need to fit on a screen.

Ran Barton

I have used charts where the data break out of the frame, and as soon as the audience realizes it's not a mistake, but a reflection of how crazy the real data actually are, it was a very powerful gimmick. Really got everyone sitting up and thinking.


Research in the delayed 90s found that sufferers were more sincere responding to healthcare concerns on the pc than they were to a person, in this situation the Physician. Including the AI element should enhance individual care.

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