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Mousing over the graphic nicely shows the famous weakness of choropleth maps. In California, Los Angeles County had 3,448,622 immigrants in 2000, predominantly from Latin America, while the green rectangle in Montana shows Daniels County experiencing the Canadian horde of... 95.


Sorry, that's not meant in any way as a criticism of yet another stunning piece of explorable data from the New York Times. That I was able to get those facts quickly and easily is itself a testament. Well done to them.

Bubble maps have weaknesses of their own, and both together don't quite cover those weaknesses when reproduced as static paper. But choropleth plus bubbles plus interactivity is a killer combination.

Bernard Lebelle

Totally agree with derek and kaiser on the effectivness of bubble maps.

What really got me excited was the overall simplicity of the user interface and the visual impact of change over time. Really thought we should share this one between junkcharts fans.

Haven't got through putting all this in a "video" format but we would have a good "gapminder" approach with this excellent material.


This is stunning. It's fascinating to look at the waves across time -- e.g. to look at, say, Norwegians across the time span as they increase and then decrease as the immigrants age off.

And, as Bernard said, the user interface is particularly well designed.


Nice. But the programmers/designers have still to learn a little bit of geography: Germany is not a Central/Eastern European country!!


anyone know if there are any tutorials around for creating interactive graphs? is there a relatively simple way, or is it a case of messing around with java for a couple of hundred hours

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